Standard Craft Tool Set 23pcs

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MS18501  in Plastic Storage Case for   HOBBY, CRAFT, MODEL, MINIATURES,


Tool Set contains 

2 pcs Routers for chiselling

9 pcs Assorted Blades - cutting wood, board, paper plastic, film, acetate, cloth or carving wood and leather

1 pcs Stainless steel blade holder - for taking  & changes sharp blades

1 pcs Balsa Stripper - for whittling

1 pcs Spokeshave - for paring or whittling on curved shapes

4pcs Gouges -for carving & making different shape

1 pcs Block Sander - for honing rough surface

1pcs Block Plane - for matching with art knife to cut paper, board, plastic, wood & metal precisely

3 pcs Art Knives (with 3 pcs blades) - for doing hobbies, models, minatures, crafts, artworks & overall woodworks

Morn Sun Brand     Made in Taiwan