Airbrush Warehouse has many extremely talented customers and we are proud to support them with the products they require.

This gallery is a place to highlight the amazing artwork they produce and a chance for us to give back with some exposure for their ongoing support.

If you wish to have your artwork displayed, please feel free to contact us at 


Jungle Play’s exclusive collection of oversized flora and fauna play equipment bring the minute details of nature into focus to create unique spaces for all kinds of play. Expertly airbrushed with Paasche products purchased from Airbrush Warehouse!


"I have been making specialised cakes and decorating them for over 15 years. I'm so pleased I made contact with Airbrush Warehouse and their friendly staff who recommended to me the Artlogic Airbrush Starters Kit that I'm now using. The cake images I have attached were all done using this recommended airbrush kit. This has given my whole way of decorating a totally new dimension which allows me to produce amazing results. I would recommend Airbrush Warehouse to anybody seeking great service, friendly advice and quality products."

Airbrush Starters Kit


John Murray is an award winning artist who has been painting landscapes for over 40 years. John's unique take on photo-realism contrasting serious landscape studies with whimsical caricatures of birds and other creatures captures the innate beauty of such a hard land that is outback Australia. We are pleased to have John as a loyal customer, who has purchased high quality, professional airbrushing equipment from Airbrush Warehouse over a number of years.