Sparmax DH-101 Gravity Feed Airbrush

Airbrushes $89.95
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**Sparmax Quality Nail & Cosmetics Airbrush.** Double Action for the Professional or beginner. Gravity fed airbrush with 0.4cc Body cavity. * 0.2mm Needle/Nozzle. Internal Mix, Gravity feed. Handle incorporates "Adjustable Needle Stop Mechanism on the tail which can be pre-set to control required medium flow. Designed to make it the perfect airbrush for beginners and professionals alike. All Sparmax Airbrushes are precision manufactured from quality materials to give exceptional results every time. Made from Brass and Chrome Plated. Spare parts are available from our **Accessories & Spares** section to ensure years of service. .  Air Valve Inlet 1/8" Male

NOTE:  This gun does not include and airhose - for this purchase please see our Air Hoses & adaptor for Sparmax

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