Sparmax TC-520A Twin Cylinder Compressor with 2.5L Holding Tank

Airbrush Compressors $442.50

**Sparmax TC-520A Oil-Less Twin Cylinder Air Compressor**

This Compressor meet the demands of most airbrush artists. Comes complete with: * Regulator * Pressure Gauges * Safety Release Valve * Moisture Trap * Dual Airbrush Outlets with the Capacity to Run Two (2) Airbrushes and ready to connect to any airbrushes. * 2.5 Litre tank and Contoured Tubular Handle it is still very portable. * Quiet running at only 45 Dbs, * Auto Stop with 40PSI on - 60 PSI off * Max Pressure of 60PSI with Pressure Adjustable * Weight 8.4kgs * Approx Size L-305mm x W-290mm x H-250mm A Compressor for the serious airbrush artist.

12 months manufacturers defects warranty.

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