Paasche Millennium Airbrush Set MIL-SET NOW MIL-1AS

Airbrushes $146.75
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Millennium Airbrush features a thin barrel grip and a cut-away red anodized handle that allows quick pullback of needle mechanism to blow out clogs. Round trigger button rolls under your finger for greater comfort and better control. The same pressure and volume air requirements as the VL airbrush.

MIL-SET components: *MIL#3 double action airbrush. Size#3 medium fluids-spray pattern 1/32"- 1 1/4" (0.73 mm. tip opening) *MIL-8 head protecting cap *Model VL: 1/4 oz. metal color cup (7 cc.) *Model VL: 1/2 oz. color bottle assembly (14.5 cc.) *A-34 hanger * wrench * 6' air hose with couplings, 22 Airbrush Lessons booklet

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