Paasche HS Set / HS-3AS

Airbrushes $159.95
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Paasche HS Set  NOW HS-3AS

Single Action Airbrush - Ideal for Crafts, Hobbies, Automobiles, T-Shirts, Tattoos etc

Can spray anything from Water based acrylic  to 2 pack auto paint

Set contains  1 x HS Airbrush

1 x 1/4oz Metal colour cup

1 x 1oz colour bottle complete

1 x 1oz bottle with cover

1 x Airbrush Hanger

1 x Wrench 

1 x Allen Key

1 x Braided airhose 6 ft

Comes with all 3 Needle sizes:  (supplied with #3 medium set up) 

#1 Fine  for inks and dyes

#3 Medium for Airbrush Acrylics and diluted airbrush oil paints

#5 Broad for lacquers and glazes

Tip & Aircap for optional change sizes

22 Airbrush lessons Booklet


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