Paasche H Single Action Card Set

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The world's most popular Suction Feed airbrush - recommended for all skill levels, Sturdy and flexible, the H airbrushes are dependable and adaptable for practically any hobby or artistic use. The model H has a tapered socket for securing bottle or cup. An easy and fun way to get started airbrushing with many essential airbrush items for the beginning hobbyist.

H-CARD components: H#3 Single-Action Airbrush H-1-oz Color Bottle Assembly (1oz/29cc)

HP-1/8-6 6' Plastic Air Hose w/Couplings

V-62 Wrench

Tip opening sizes (available separately): Size #1 light fluid-spray pattern 1/32inch to 1inch, (0.45 mm. tip opening)

Size #5 heavy fluid-spray pattern 1/16inch to 1inch, (1.07 mm. tip opening)