BADGER 260-1 Mini Sandblaster - Eraser Set

Air Eraser $81.75
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This set is ideally suited for a variety of small applications.

Removes rust from a small area of car, bike,garden tools or any metallic surface.

Etches glass for security or decorative purposes.

Make a refinishing project quicker & easier by using the 260-1 to prepare the surface ready for refinishing by removing old paint, rust & corrosion.  Perfect tool for preparing small & hard to reach areas for refinishing

Ideally suited for the DIY & Hobbist.

Kit contains:

Abrasive sprayer with attached 4oz jar

8ft (2.4m) air hose

Threaded fitting adaptor for use with compressor

Propellant regulator

2oz (340g)  220 grit Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

Face Mask

Made in USA



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