Artlogic AC2418 Twin Cylinder Compressor on Tank

Airbrush Compressors $290.50

Artlogic AC2418 Twin Cylinder Oil-Less Air Compressor on 3Lt Tank. This compressor on tank is quiet and convenient for most applications including: * Spraying Models * Airbrush Art * Nail Airbrushing and much more. It's compact and lightweight and is designed for portability. Ideal for the home, office, hobby workshop, air brushing, air dusting and inflating tyres. The Artlogic AC2418 compressor can operate 2 Airbrushes at the same time, or a compact spray gun even some small air tools It comes with: 

Regulator * Pressure Gauge * Moisture trap * Auto-Stop *

Dual Switch * Switch I: Auto-Stop at 60PSI * Switch II: Continues run at max pressure 85 PSI with safety valve.

1/4 Hp Motor with Auto-Stop 40PSI on -60 PSI off with Max Pressure of 85PSI * Thermally Protected. * Low Noise rating of 47 Db * Airflow of 40 LPM * Working pressure form 10 to 60 PSI * With a 3Lt Tank that zeros pulsation Weight is only 7.2 Kg and Size is L 350mm x W 135mm x H 310mm

12 months manufacturers defects warranty.

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