Nail Art Kit - Sparmax

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Professional Nail Art Kit   SPECIAL PRICE

Complete with

1 x Sparmax TC-501ARC Compressor and  1 x  Sparmax DH-101 Nail Art Airbrush

1 x  Multi Table Mount Airbrush Holder 1 x Braided Airhose and 10 Assorted Nail Stencils

A....Sparmax TC-501ARC Compressor Details

* Auto-Stop function 40 PSI Stop / 60PSI Restart
* Regulator/Moisture Trap & Pressure Gauge. for easy airflow adjustment
*  Oil-Less Piston Type 1/8 HP Motor in Metal Carry Cabinet

* Low Noise Rating of 50Db
* Air Flow of 16 /18 LPM

* Approx Weight 5.2Kgs
* Approx Size L-300mm x W-140mm x H-220mm

B....Sparmax DH-101 

Gravity Feed Double action Airbrush with tail stop adjustment handle

*0.5cc Body Gravity Cup.

* 0.35mm Needle/Nozzle.

Internal Mix, Gravity feed.

Handle incorporates Adjustable Needle Stop Mechanism on the tail which can be pre-set to control required medium flow. Designed to make it the perfect airbrush for beginners and professionals alike.

All Sparmax Airbrushes are precision manufactured from quality materials to give exceptional results every time.

Sparmax Braided 6 ft / 1.9m Hose

Airbrush Hanger

10 mixed Nail Stencils

Note: Spare parts are available from our Accessories & Spares section 

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