Paasche M Series MVL#3 Set

Airbrushes $194.90 $139.95

The MVL#3 airbrush set is available with a durable, highly polished, chrome-plated brass handle.
They are packaged in an attractive vinyl case with a long-lasting hinge and protective foam insert. No other airbrush can offer more versatility. Used by most of the t-shirt artists in the U.S., this model can achieve spray patterns from fine detail to broader coverage while handling light, medium and heavy fluids. Suitable for both left or right-handed users. The MVL
has a tapered socket for securing a bottle or a cup.

MVL components:

  • MVL#3 double action airbrush
  • Size #3 medium fluids-spray pattern 0.73 mm (1/32"- 1 1/4" tip opening)
  • metal handle
  • 6' Braided airhose with couplings
  • Two 3 oz. color bottle assemblies (89 cc.)
  • wrench
  • hanger

Tip opening sizes (sold separately):

  • Size #1 light fluids-spray pattern 0.55 mm (1/64"- 1" tip opening)
  • Size #5 heavy fluids-spray pattern 1.07 mm (1/16"- 1 1/2" tip opening)

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