Beauty Airbrush Kit

Airbrush Beauty Products $230.95
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 Portable  Mini Air Compressor/White and Sparmax Cosmetic/Make-up  Airbrush 

Kit includes:-

Sparmax HB-040 Airbrush - Cosmetic Airbrush

0.4mm Needle Size

Gravity Feed, Double Action  Internal Mix

Supplied with optional single action conversion valve

Compressor  with detachable battery pack 

Mains power Adaptor  & Battery Charger

Braided Hose with 1/8" fittings

In-Line Moisture trap

Airbrush holder on compressor

Comes complete in Carry Bag with Shoulder / Waist strap 


Compressor size  13 x 5.5 x 12cm  Approx

Storage case   26 x 12 x 12cm Approx


Can be used with  either Mains Power Adaptor or Battery Pack (included) 

NOTE: Battery takes approx 4 hours to charge and when fully charged has approx 90mins of working time

Compressor has built in  Auto start/stop  function  Stop/21psi / Start 15psi with Bleed Valve & On/Off Switch

Universal Power rated  AC110 -240V   50/60Hz

Pressure adjustable - the Auto /Stop Function is disabled between 2 - 15psi

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