Airbrush Make-Up Kit

Airbrush Beauty Products $247.70
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Complete Airbrush Make-Up Kit comprising of

1. Sparmax HB-040 Airbrush

Double Action / Internal Mix

2cc fluid Cup with cover

Needle/Nozzle  Size 0.4mm

Dependable and Economic Choice for any Beauty Artis

Suitable for all make-up mediums

2. Artlogic AC1376 Air Compressor

Lightweight , Compact & Quiet

Features: Auto-Stop Function, Pressure Gauge, Pressure adjustable

With Airbrush Holder

Has built in 0.3 litre Airtank

Weight 2.7kg  Dimensions  16 x 15 x 17.5cm

3. Accessories

1 x Mini In-line airbrush Moisture Trap

1 x Braided Airhose 1.9mtr 


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