AC1316 Mini Compressor

Airbrush Compressors $145.50
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Artlogic Mini Compressor in Black Aluminium Case - with Carry Handle

Oil-less Piston type

Power :1/8HP,   Airflow: 13 - 15 litres per minute

Pressure adjustable Bleed Valve,  Max Pressure: 3.5 Bar (50PSI)

Air Outlet: 1/8" MPT  with 1/4" MPT Adaptor

Dimensions:  15 x 13 x 12cm,    Weight : 2.5kg

Comes with:  1  x Braided Hose,    1 x Mini Airbrush Moisture Trap,    1 x Instruction Leaflet

Recommended for gravity feed airbrush  0.2mm & 0.3mm Needle/Nozzle style


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